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The Ark of the Covenant also known as the Ark of the Testimony, is a chest described in the Book of Exodus[1] as containing the Tablets of Stone on which theTen Commandments were inscribed. According to the New Testament Letter to the Hebrews,[2] the Ark also contained Aaron’s rod, a jar of manna, and the first Torah scroll as written by Moses; however, the first of theBooks of Kings says that at the time of King Solomon, the Ark contained only the two Tablets of the Law.[3]According to the Book of Exodus, the Ark was built at the command of their God, in accordance with the instructions given to Moses on Mount Sinai[4] In Deuteronomy 5:6, these events are described as having transpired at Mount Horeb.[5][6] God was said to have communicated with Moses “from between the twocherubim” on the Ark’s cover.[7]

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