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Beautiful decoration of pomegranate tree with birds

 Beautiful decoration of pomegranate tree with birds  A high quality Silver Plated 

jerusalem cup

Gold plated jerusalem cup Silver plated jerusalem cup

Loaves and fishes Tabgha Chalices

 Loaves and fishes Tabgha Chalices  big size 16 cm 11 U.S.D small size 10 cm 9 U.S.D


A concentrated, colorful wine with a creamy body that envelops the palate. Slightly peppery, it is characterized by a long

12 years Cana wedding wine

And there where set there six waterpots of stone after the manner of the purifying of the jews containning two

13- Teperberg – Reseve – Merlot

 Teperberg – Reseve – Merlot out of 1080 bottles  Bottle Number : 0568 2010 15.5 % VOL 1.5 litter


this attractive wine has good body and nice concentration of flavor. the 2011 Yarden 2T will improve in the bottle

3. Teperberg – Cabernet Sauvignon – Merlot

 Teperberg – Cabernet Sauvignon – Merlot DRY RED WINE 2014 13.5% VOL 

4. Teperberg – Riesling

A sweet, enchanting white wine characterized by scents of peaches and pears delicately wrapped with wood aromas and hints of

6. Teperberg – Essence

Cabernet Sauvignon ESSENCE is the product of two great vineyards located in the Upper Galilee and the Ephraim Hills. Wine

7. Teperberg – Cabernet Franc

Cabernet Franc LEGACY is a fascinating wine.  This vineyard, with its unique micro-climate, has the clearest influence on the character of

9. Teperberg – Petit Verdot

Petit Verdot Legacy slow maturation, low growth rate, and low yield, lead to very concentrated flavors and harmony between the various