Heading home from the holy land calls for taking home holy land souvenirs that remind you of Cana. We present a wide range of selections perfect for your needs such as the Jerusalem gold plated painted plate that bears the flag of the old city of Jerusalem. The Loaves and Fishes plate is also immensely popular as it is painted painstakingly by artisans in the region.

Our Father Cross specially crafted from olive wood makes a wonderful giveaway. An ideal memento of the Last Supper, you can choose to carry with you communion bread from Cana. The Holy Land Bells we offer are also an integral part of our holy land gifts that shall make a beautiful and valuable keepsake for everyone.

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Blue Plate

Blue Plate Radious : 16 cm


CANA OF GALILEE JAR  with the wedding Church and the first miracle

cana of galilee small plate

cana of galilee small plate  the Orthodox Church the Latin Church 3 colors  red / blue / green

communion bread

communion bread from the holy land

Home Blessing – small size

Home Blessing – small size silver plated   

Home Blessing Plate

Home Blessing Plate   Radious : 19 cm  

Home Blessing Plate from the holy land

Radius = 12cm Home Blessing Plate from the holy land