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(Soap does not contain chemical additives (thickeners, stabilizers, preservatives
and animal fats. olive oil contain a set of vitamins A,B,C,D,E,F,K, vegetable protein, macronur=trients, and unsaturated acids: linoleic acid , oleic acid.
Vitamin E prevents skin aging , vitamin A enhances its elasticity.
soap based on olive oil  soften skin and prevents the loss of cell moisture.

the use of olive oil soap for the hair beneficial for scalp and prevents hair fall and dandruff.
olive soap rarely causes allergies, so it can be used almost without restrictions. natural soap with olive oil has a disinfecting action -protects the skin from bacteria.

regular use of olive soap slows the aging process, effectively soften and nourishes, protects against bacteria.

After a few months your skin will feel softer and more moisturized.

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