At Daniel Wines, we strive to provide a very special class of pomegranate wine that is full of flavor and incredibly pure. We present to you healthy semi dry red pomegranate wine along with a semi sweet red wine that is quite exotic in nature. Pomero is our signature offering that is a stunning blend of Pomegranate and Shiraz.


Using a special fermentation process we create delicious wine that is of a premium quality. Since the mead is made from 100% purely squeezed pomegranate juice, the resulting wine is rich and odorous. When you buy pomegranate wine from us, you receive the palatable mead in an unusual pomegranate shaped bottle that is the true essence of Cana in Galilee village.

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      A healthy semi dry red pomegranate...
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pomegranate sweet wine big size contain 750cc fermen...
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A healthy semi dry red pomegranate wine bottle in a spe...
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 semi sweet red wine 12 % ALC   .....
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Drink Experience offers exotic nature , perfectly c...
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I`m a father of a Christian family, that lives in Cana of Galilee...


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In that time in which the first miracle was made, there was a wedding which was based in Cana of Galilee. And in that day Jesus turned the water into wine. Since then, tourists ...

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Cana wine is sold in Cana of Galilee as a symbol for the first miracle, and as a souvenir from the holy place.


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